Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

The following photographs are available for purchase to benefit the wildfire relief fund. There are three options available.

16 x 20 Canvas Wrap – $140

16 x 20 Print – $57

8 x 10 Print – $30

There is an option to purchase these prints at the bottom of this page.

“In His Eye”
good bull-1
“Good Bull”
good bull-1-7
“Bulls Eye”
“John Deere Green”
“On the Hunt”
“Spring Dreams”
“Gettin’ a Drink”




Hello End of Summer

Hello End of Summer

Greetings Ranching Happiness fans! And I am truly sorry I have been gone so long!

This summer has been amazing and super busy all at the same time! So, I have taken a breather, much needed, and played a little!

School started back up here for us this week and when I mentioned school pictures, the girl hopped up, changed clothes, and insisted on a photo session. So, while these are not the official school pictures for the 2016-2017 school year, I affectionately call these the “End of Summer” mini session!


These girls really are best friends. They fight just like sisters but at the end of the day they can’t live without one another!

He’s going to be ONE!

He’s going to be ONE!

Yesterday morning I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a one year/cake smash! It was my very first one and for one of my favorite families!

I was so excited to head down to their house for this job. This little cutie has the most creative momma and she had it all planned out for props and locations. My job was made pretty easy!

I could not wait to get this up on the blog and up for a sneak peek!

Too cool for being one!
He is a real mover and shaker this one!
This is one cute little lumberjack!



He did not care, at all, about the cake. We had no smash.






I loved this session! It was fun, fast, and non-stop! This kid is just a doll and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!!

A Wedding in June

A Wedding in June

My favorite couple tied the knot!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jake Elliott!

Here is a sneak peek at some of my favorites from the wedding!

The bride getting help from her mother with all those buttons.
A final look before she walks down the aisle.
Getting it all straight.
A daddy’s first look.


The groom had much the same reaction when he saw his bride.
A very sweet moment before he gave her away.
The men who stood with honor.
Tying the knot.
That first kiss!
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jake Elliott
The couples first dance.
And baby makes three!
A cake made with love.
The first slice.
They were nice about it!
The brides bouquet.
A special dance with the groom and his grandmother.
The happy couple.
Enter a caption



These two are so photogenic and comfortable with each other. Their wedding was beautiful and brimming with emotions. I felt it portrayed their love for each other perfectly!

The sparkler send off!


A rehersal dinner

A rehersal dinner

Earlier in the year I did an engagement session for one of my favorite couples. You can see the pictures from that rustic, country session by clicking here.

Well, their big day has finally come! Well, the rehersal dinner anyway. I went to the location and snapped some shots of the little details the grooms parents included in the decorations.

This family is western and rustic and their true charm showed through with the decor, food, and atmosphere. I could not think of better people to spend my evening with than these folks.

A sneak peek…

The drink table was so cute!
These tea dispensers could not have been a better match for the evening.
Each table had a can of silk sunflowers! Perfectly simple.
Camp plates, bandanas and a wicker basket to tie it all together!
These smores boxes were really cute and each box had a tag proclaiming the wedding date and names of the bride and groom.


What’s more southern than watermelon and more American than blueberries??
This was a great idea and YUMMY!!
Before the meal began, the grooms father led the group in prayer.
The food table waited patiently!
Once the food was blessed, the happy couple started the line!
Nothing beats cast iron cooking!!
Some personal suggestions for the bride and groom! I suggested a moonlight horseback ride, my favorite date!
One last kiss before they part ways for the night. Next viewing will be the “first look” at the wedding!

I know it is not always standard procedure to attend the rehersal dinner as the photographer but I am so happy I was able to be there and get some shots of this night. As a personal friend of this family, I am honored to share this special time with these folks. I could not be happier for these two and I can’t wait to see her as a beautiful bride walking down the aisle tomorrow.

Softball Pictures 2016

We are doing a team sport this year for the first time. Our oldest is in 8U softball. They use a pitching machine! When she started softball, she had been hitting really well at the house. I would pitch it to her and she would usually hit the ball. When she started machine pitch softball, the ball was moving faster and further away. And accurate nearly all the time. She loves it! I love that she loves it!

So, when we got uniforms the other day, she requested a photo session. It was pretty impromptu but I am really happy with how they turned out!

I am going to offer a mini session this spring for the softball and baseball players. If we have any interest, I will do one every year for the parents.

Here are a few of my favorite shots!







It was a lot of fun to do this session with my girl! I can’t wait for the rest of the season!



Spring Works at Calamity

Spring Works at Calamity

It is spring and here in ranch country that means spring works. This is the busiest time of year around our house and I know chances are unlikely we will get a break until the works are over.

Last week some neighbors to the south of us had their works and hired me to come and document the day with my camera. My husband was day working for them as well so we hauled together. It was the first time I have taken my camera working horseback. Usually I am actually working cows and can’t be distracted by taking pictures. Imagine my delight when I got to go work and just take pictures. It was wonderful! And to make it even more special, I was hired by one of my favorite families!

The day started early with breakfast and coffee at the camp house. We hauled to where we were going to start the gather and trotted from there. I did the best I could to get some fun shots of that but it is big country out here and I had a lot of it to cover to get from man to man. We gathered to the pens where we started the branding. They used a wood branding fire to heat the irons which made for some authentic branding shots. We were plagued by some fierce wind this day and I struggled to hold my camera still. When a big gust of wind would come up, it would grab my lens and pull one direction or another!

Here is a sneak peek from my day at Calamity.

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