Last night our kids were staying with their grandparents so the hubby and I took a walk on the ranch. There are some huge changes coming in our lives and it was great to decompress and just chat freely about our emotions regarding these changes. When we got back to the house, I felt so much better. Renewed almost.

I just wanted to share some of the shots I got while we walked last night.

There are a ton of wild turkeys around the house and we did not have to go far before we spotted this little flock.


This cow was grazing with a few of her buddies and right before I hiked down into the creek, I got this shot.


Jackrabbits are everywhere in Brewster County. I did not notice this ones ear until I got these pictures on the computer but it looks like something used him as a chew toy.

chewed ear-1.jpg

My sweet catahoula loves to go running and she loves to chase. She chases rabbits, deer, turkeys, and anything else that might run from her. I have not ever known her to catch anything but dust.


The creek just west of our house had some really cool purple leaves growing out. I am not exactly sure what they are but it was beautiful!