Hello End of Summer

Hello End of Summer

Greetings Ranching Happiness fans! And I am truly sorry I have been gone so long!

This summer has been amazing and super busy all at the same time! So, I have taken a breather, much needed, and played a little!

School started back up here for us this week and when I mentioned school pictures, the girl hopped up, changed clothes, and insisted on a photo session. So, while these are not the official school pictures for the 2016-2017 school year, I affectionately call these the “End of Summer” mini session!


These girls really are best friends. They fight just like sisters but at the end of the day they can’t live without one another!

He’s going to be ONE!

He’s going to be ONE!

Yesterday morning I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a one year/cake smash! It was my very first one and for one of my favorite families!

I was so excited to head down to their house for this job. This little cutie has the most creative momma and she had it all planned out for props and locations. My job was made pretty easy!

I could not wait to get this up on the blog and up for a sneak peek!

Too cool for being one!
He is a real mover and shaker this one!
This is one cute little lumberjack!



He did not care, at all, about the cake. We had no smash.






I loved this session! It was fun, fast, and non-stop! This kid is just a doll and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!!