At the beginning of this post, it was unnamed. Unnamed because, truthfully, sometimes it is HARD to name your feelings. When I first started looking into blogging as an option for me, my hangup was always the same: sharing my feelings. Exposing things about our lives. And, talking about dialysis. Kidney disease, dialysis, transplants, they are all so complex. And often, depressing to talk about. As I was trying to pick a topic for todays post, I decided we would venture over into the homeschool world a little! Get off kidneys for a while!


Homeschool has been so wonderful for us! As I briefly mentioned in my post earlier in January, So why do we homeschool?, there are five major reasons. One of those reasons is: less stress on me! That’s right, I am less stressed!

There are a few reasons why I am better now:

  1. No rushing out the door! We have all been there in the morning. Even if you don’t have kids, you have rushed out the door, late for somewhere! We still had forty minutes to drive once we left our house. I was stressed before I got out of bed in the morning. I was not sleeping well at night, waking up too early, rushing to get everything done and out the door. It was awful and I was starting to feel like a real bear! I knew something had to change!
  2. I don’t have to borrow a vehicle to get the kids out the door. That is another big one for me. I have previously mentioned that my hubby and I share a car. We have been a one vehicle family since 2011. Our car, a wonderful 2010 Kia Forte, was purchased because we needed a vehicle for treatments, something affordable. We bought it brand new and traded my VW Jetta. Unfortunately, the Jetta was not paid off and not running. So, we rolled over the remainder of the Jetta loan, financed the Kia and have had a reliable, affordable car for treatments ever since. In 2011, our second vehicle, a Dodge pick-up, kicked the bucket, leaving us with the Kia. This was never an issue, seriously, until the hubby changed his dialysis schedule. Before, his treatments were perfectly timed, he dropped the girls off at school, went to his treatments, picked them up on his way home. I never had to leave the house. When his schedule changed, I was left with no vehicle, forty minutes from town. Thankfully, my father-in-law was able to loan me a vehicle anytime I needed. Borrowing someone elses  vehicle twice a week was not working out for me.
  3. I hated it when the girls went to school. I became a big, huge crybaby when they walked out the door with my husband on dialysis days. Truthfully, there are two reasons I felt a lot of emotion on those days, one being the girls going to school and the other being my husband going to dialysis. There are a huge range of emotions running through me when he has treatments. Having him gone to treatments and the girls gone to school was torture. I am definitely not one of those moms who is ready for them to head back to school after summer break. A fact that, frankly, shocks me! I never envisioned myself to love my job as a mom as much as I do.
  4. I never got anything done! I left the house by 7:15 in the morning, I dropped the girls off at school and made it home by nine. At 2:15, I had to leave again to get the girls from school and would make it home by 4:30. If my hubby needed help horseback we had to get going as soon as I got back and cut it short so I could leave again. I was always rushing around to get things done and driving myself crazy in the process!

I am not only less stressed but I find myself becoming a happier, more content mother. I have more patience and energy. I spend quality time with girls. We learn substantial things, have shared goals, successes and failures (yes, I said failures, we do sometimes fail together) and we love it. We can do school in our pjs if we want (we rarely do but we did this morning). I can have my coffee, as much as I want, at my desk. We can take breaks for feeding animals, snacks, loose horses. Not every day is great but we spend our days together!

4 thoughts on “Homeschool made me less stressed!

  1. Homeschool is amazing! Now, I don’t know what hauling them in is like, but I can only imagine. It doesn’t sound fun. I know the tears would fall, the busyness would be busier, and I would probably go crazy. 32 miles to Marfa… one way. No thanks.
    I am thankful that we get to homeschool, and I enjoy it, plus they enjoy it!


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