I know we are 9 days into January already and most of you probably have your wall calendars hanging! If you are still looking for that perfect one to keep you on schedule, look no further! This beautiful calendar features 13 authentic ranching images that are 100% original to Ranching Happiness Photography. If you are all set for 2016 look for our 2017 calendar in November of 2016!

“Stark Beauty” January-This picture represents the beauty of a desert winter captured when the sun was just peeking over the horizon!


“Stand-Off” February-These bulls were in the pen in front of my house one afternoon and I saw all the dust, tell tale sign we have a bull fight on our hands!


“Lolo” March-This little filly was a beautiful lady, inside and out! Her calm temperament and pleasing personality made her a great horse to get to know!


“Getting the Irons Hot” April-In this picture a member of the crew checks the irons to see if they are ready for branding.

Preparing the Irons

“Cowgirl” May-This photo was taken of a little cowgirl loading her horse in the trailer.

ry=480 (11)

“A Little Help From your Friends” June-This cowboy is getting a little help from his equine partner.

A Little Help From Your Friends.jpg

“Workout Buddies” July-These colts are worked together to settle them a little.

ry=480 (9).jpg

“Teamwork” August-The crew works as a team to get the job done.


“Heading Out” September-Headed out to find the herd with his best helper.


“Getting Him Started” October-This picture is in memory of “Husker”. This sweet boy was diagnosed with an incurable ailment and is no longer with us. He was a great horse to start.

Getting Him Started.jpg

“Through the Gate” November-The crew pushes the herd through the gates to the branding pen.

through the gate

“Cathedral in Winter” December-Cathedral Mountain is breathtaking in all weather!

cathedral mountain december

This calendar is $25.00 plus tax with a $5 shipping charge.