We homeschool, we dialyze and we ranch! Those things make our world go round, tick our clock, fill our days!

I am basically a newbie in the ranching world, a seven year veteran! Even though I have been a horsewoman since my girlhood days, ranching was a life I had only dreamed about!

Of course, growing up on a small farm in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, I had a very romanticized view of ranching. And a very different one than I have today. It is still a life I dream about and I am living the dream!

My ideas of ranching were different than my reality:

  1. Somehow, Texas had slipped my mind as an ideal location for a ranch. Maybe the bitter cold winters of upstate New York swayed me towards a more northern take on ranching. Hooking up to the team so you can feed, break waters and check on the livestock during a whiteout. Move the herd from summer pastures to winter pastures so you don’t lose it during those harsh months. I pictured a huge wood barn full of heifers about to calve in the winter and stocked full of freshly cut hay during the summer. I dreamed of rolling plains with grass to your knees set at the base of snow covered mountains. In other words, I was ranching in Montana. Or maybe, Nebraska. Certainly the dream I am living is in stark contrast to the image I had in my mind.
  2. It is better than I thought. I live in far west Texas. Our winters are mild. We don’t have too many mornings where we break water. If it snows, it will be gone in a day or two. When it was 20 degrees here, in Billings, MT, it was 2. I think it was -25 in South Dakota the other day. Our winters in upstate New York, very cold! The mild winters make it better than I thought.
  3. Instead of bitter cold, we get burning hot! And that is okay with me! Maybe it was growing up Yankee that ruined me of the cold or maybe it is my roots in southern Italy that cause me to thrive in warm climates. Whatever it is, I like it hot!
  4. I really like being a homemaker. A big part of my ranch wife duties are at home. I cook, clean, feed, educate and work from home. I love to be at the ranch. I don’t like to leave that much. I love to cook for my family and the guys when they work. My favorite job, motherhood and all it entails. I love homeschooling the girls and being able to go out and work horseback after lunch. I never imagined I would love so well my job as a wife and mom.

There are so many reasons I love our life on the ranch. We feel so blessed to be able to raise our children here! Our lives are full of life and rich with what really matters. Our days are spent together, as a family, learning and growing together. Our challenges are faced as a family and we work together to overcome any obstacles we may face. Not every day is a great day but at the end of every day we are together, and that is what matters most.

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