I was born and raised in upstate New York where we had some brutal winters!  I have no memory of a year without a white Christmas!  Some winters were colder and snowier than others but always we had snow and frigid cold temps!  That was one thing I did not miss when we moved to Texas!  Despite the harsh winters I have fond memories of Christmas and my childhood in New York.

With Christmas only three days away the girls are giddy about Christmas morning and their enthusiasm is contagious!  I find myself growing more excited each day!  This morning when I opened my e-mail I found one of my favorite stories that my Dad has told in an e-mail and I knew I wanted to share this special Christmas memory.  I called him up and asked if could share it on my blog and he agreed!  I hope you all enjoy this special story of the true spirit of Christmas.

“Mom had just bought an Omni-Horizon, maybe her first new car since Dad had died.  She had agreed to come to Valley Farm, where Dorothy and I were living, for Christmas.  This was before we were married, 1977 or 78, and we were pretty excited to have her.  We had the Kalamazoo woodstove to cook and heat up the kitchen, a woodstove in the living room and another woodstove in the basement.  Whew!  That house could sure enough get cold!  Dorothy had her Volksie and I was driving my 1949 GMC pick-up.

Christmas day was a frigid one!  When we woke up the mercury read just about 30 degrees below zero.  As usual, I got up early to stoke the stoves.  The Kalamazoo would go out at night and since that was the only heat we had in the kitchen, it needed to be lit.  It was a good Christmas morning we had at the farm!

Cyndi was living at Sun Canyon at the time, which was about 2 miles away, via the road.  Due to the recent inclement weather we had experienced, the roads were snow packed.  Our plan had been to go over to Cyndi’s house about 9 in the morning.  Well, my old pick had a 6-volt battery in it, almost guaranteed not to start in such cold temperatures.  Dorothy’s Volkswagon sure enough wouldn’t start on such a day, but Mom had her new Omni so I knew that we were in luck!

When it was time to go I went out to feed the animals and start Mom’s car.  Much to my dismay, the weather was too cold even for the Omni and I knew I would have to go break the news to the ladies.  They were disappointed to say the least, especially Mom.  I was feeling a little bad about it so I told them I would work on the vehicles and try to get something to start.  I knew I had a an ace in the hole so I went out.  I had Magnolia.

I went to the barn and harnessed up my old mule, Magnolia.  We just happened to have a single seat cutter and the snow packed roads were ripe for a sleigh ride.  I went in and told the girls that we had on running I just didn’t let on which vehicle it was.  I told them to bundle up, grabbed a couple of blankets and out we went.  My Mom, who did not really care for horses or mules, could not believe her eyes!  As soon as we got out on the road, Ol’ Maggie stepped up into a trot and away we went!

We got to celebrate Christmas at Cyndi’s after all, thanks to Magnolia!  Merry Christmas to all!!”

This story is told by my father, Tom Muratori.  Cyndi is his older sister and at the time they were living in a tiny town in the Adirondack Mountains, Athol, New York.  The story is true on all accounts!  This is such a perfect way to describe my Dad, with this story.  He is always willing to go above and beyond for his family!  I hope you enjoy this story and remember this and every year, the true spirit of Christmas!!

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. That was such a cold and snow covered day. Seeing Tom drive up with that sleigh was the best present I got. I used to have a picture of them getting out of the sleigh, I just search the house and its probably gone. But, man oh man, we sure did have some fun times.


    1. I truly love hearing this story! I was so pleased when I opened my e-mail this morning and found this! I can just picture the whole thing since I know the way from Valley Farm to Sun Canyon so well! What a wonderful memory! Follow my page!


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