Why the consultation is my friend, and yours too!

I had a consultation today and on my way home I could not stop thinking about the shoot.  We developed so many great ideas and were able to share our vision about the style, poses, wardrobe and so much more!  When we parted ways, I felt I knew exactly what my client wanted.  That is, after all, the purpose of a consultation.

Scheduling a portrait session is a big commitment for both the client and the photographer!  Many clients want to include some lifestyle shots into their session or maybe their pets.  They might want the setting to be in their home.  Each and every client is different so their ideas for their pictures are unique as well.  I have found an hour to be sufficient for a consultation but again, each client is unique so more time may be needed in some situations.

If the client is scheduling an at home shoot and it is possible, head out to the home and check out the lighting, landscaping, décor and feel of the setting.  This would be a perfect opportunity to snap some test shots so you know you will ace the lighting.  When the day of the shoot arrives, the photographer can be confident she has brought the correct equipment for the conditions.

A consultation is also a great opportunity for the photographer to get to know the client on a more personal level.  It is imperative that they are comfortable around each other and feel they can relax.  A tense subject often does not photograph well!

The better prepared both the photographer and the client are on the day of the shoot, the smoother the session will go and the better the pictures will be.  I feel that a consultation is not only helpful, but necessary as well.  These consultations are so important in fact that I urge each client to schedule and attend one before scheduling the photo session.  I think you will be glad you did!