As I plodded through my public school education I had little interest in poetry even though I love to read and literature holds a special spot in my heart!  Learning the poets and what they wrote was tedious and boring and as a result, I remember very little about any of the poets or their writings.  When we first embarked on our journey to the homeschool planet, poetry was not something I put much thought into.  A few weeks into school, though, I found some neat poetry activities along with some easy poems to read.  The big girl is a reader already and she was able to read these poems with no help.  The little Monkey loved me to read them to her and then she recited them back to me.  It was nice and something we all enjoyed.  So, back to the books for me for some fun poetry ideas.

After quite a bit of research and soul searching I landed on the perfect way to incorporate poetry into our homeschool without losing us all to boredom, Poetry Tea Time!

That’s right! Poetry and a tea party!  The girls just LOVE our tea parties.  The big girl reads poems from her tablet or a poetry book while the little Monkey browses through some books on her reading level (generally not poetry but whatever gets her reading is fine with me)!


IMG_3689.jpgRight now we are using a book by Mary Ann Hoberman called “The Llama Who Had No Pajama”. The poems in this book are FUN and all about things kids LOVE! In town we have a nice little bookstore and I found this little gem while I was shopping for Christmas!IMG_5017

Poetry memorization is next!  The big girl has memorized one poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called “Bed in Summer”.  It was an easy poem for her and kind of fun!  She seems to really enjoy reading the poems and then talking out what the author may have been meaning.

We don’t always drink tea either.  Sometimes it’s hot chocolate, it might be milk, juice or whatever they want.  Tea is generally what they pick though and we have a nice little teapot for the table so we can have a proper tea party!  We truly do love our poetry tea parties!  They don’t happen every day but we strive for at least twice a week!  I would highly recommend this fun activity if you are struggling with a way to incorporate poetry into your children’s homeschool!