Our “school pictures”

When we started our homeschool journey, school pictures were the last thing on my mind.  One day I happened to see that the public school had pictures coming up!  I realized, with a gasp, I had not even considered what to do about pictures!

But, I was worried for no reason!  Along with the other benefits of homeschool, we are not bound by what we are offered at school.  The girls and I gathered up some props, picked out some cute clothes, waited for good light (in theory), and made a school picture day of it.  In all fairness, kinder and second had their own days for pictures.  More for my benefit than theirs!  The pictures were a success and thanks to Shutterfly, I have school pictures ordered and on the way.  The grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins will be pleased!

I was super excited to take the pictures for a myriad of reasons starting with the practice!  As a homeschool mom and wife/caregiver to a dialysis patient, I am always looking for the chance to practice!

I am happy with my props!  The fence is actually right in our front yard and the mountain in the background is a prop in itself!  The cute desk we used for some of the pictures was actually an antique store find from Mason, Texas.  My Mom picked it up for me for about $20!  The globe was a hand me down from my mother in law a few years ago.  I have moved that darn thing, packed it on shelves, tried hard to not to break it!  Finally, I have found it’s purpose, a photo prop.  It makes me a little sad that we don’t use it in school on a more regular basis but que sera.

The neat suitcase, I loved this one!  Rarely do I go into the thrift stores in town but I had a load of donations and the girls and I had some time to kill so we browsed around.  We were leaving, having found nothing of much interest when around the corner was the largest woman I had ever seen.  She had to have been 6’4″ at least.  She was wide and her hair was spiky and pink!  The girls were stunned!  She was admiring several suitcases clearly having a hard time making a choice.  My eyes were drawn to a vintage red suitcase.  She asked me what suitcase I thought she should get and I voted the red one.  Lucky for me she was putting that one back!  Before she could I snatched it up and $15 later, I was the happy owner of a vintage red suitcase.

I spent countless hours looking at poses, hair ideas, clothes, lighting, you name it!  I was determined to have nice pictures.  I shared my ideas with my models, I wanted them comfortable.  My big girl started out shy and demure but soon was picking her own poses and facial expressions.  Turns out, she loves it!  The little Monkey was animated and laughing the whole time we took pictures!  She really loves it!

I wanted to get some pictures of both girls with the horses.  Unfortunately, I did not have them in the pen or around on the day we did my big girl.  The Monkey have me some wonderful horse shots though.  We were in the field and the horses just came up to her and let us take some nice shots.